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Egypt visa for us citizen


Egypt tour is the most cherished traveling spot for every American. During the high-school period, they started to dream about visiting this ancient country as they read a lot in the ancient Egypt sections of their history classes. In early days, it wasn’t easy to get Egypt Visa for US Citizens. But now it’s become the easiest process for Americans to get an Egyptian visa for both longer and shorter stay. Here in this piece of writing, you’ll find How to Get a Visa for Egypt in the USA.

Get eTA Visa to Egypt

On arrival Egypt visa

The visa type of on arrival is such kind of visa process in which you may get the visa on your hand after the arrival. You’ll get the visa on arrival at the airport terminals by applying this kind of visa process. It is quite a chaos process by which you may face some trouble at the immigration desks. On arrival, Egypt Visa for US Citizens won’t allow you to stay extend than thirty days and only allow you only one entry during visa validity.

Applying through E-visa

There’re different kinds of visa process available out there. Whether you want a one-time entrance visa or multiple-time entrance visa, you can easily apply for them through internet.

Egypt visa for us citizen
Egypt visa for us citizen

With this easy process, USA citizens can be able to get an Egyptian visa in advance of their trip. Egypt Visa for US Citizens can easily be applied by going to their website and fill up the form with some of your personal information. You can pay the visa fees from your debit/credit cards. After completing the primary procedures a printable copy of visa will be mailed to applicant’s e-mail address.

What is required for getting things done?

How to Get a Visa for Egypt in the USA is the most common query for every American. As mentioned above, the visa process for Egypt is not so hard now. You can complete them even at your home and have visa copy on your e-mail address after the processing period. In order to complete the visa applying process, you need to provide some of your basic information. Here is the information lists that you’ll need to provide:

• A valid USA Passport- the first process in order to get Egypt Visa for US Citizens is providing your passport. You need to show them your passport that has minimum 6 months validity from the exact time of your arrival. Without a passport, your application will be refused.

•Passport copy- When you want to apply offline then you has to provide an actual transcript of your passport and a scanned version of the information page. 2 copy of scanned information page also required with at least 1 blank visa page. And if you’re applying online, then you just have to upload the passport copy through the internet.

•Provide a valid e-mail address- after your application will be accepted, the final copy will be send to your email address. So it is necessary to give them a valid address that is spelled correctly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the visa and have to start the application process again.

•Means of payment- you have to clear the fees before you can submit your visa application. In the e-visa process, you can use your debit/credit card to pay the fees. You also can use the PayPal as they have PayPal payment service available as well.

Visa processing time and fees

You may receive the visa in your email within 5 business days at a fee of $50. Within this fee, $25 will be charged for the e-visa and the rest amounts are for the visa itself. But you can curtail the receiving time in 1 day with an extra bit of cash. You’ll be charged $80 if you need to have your Egypt visa within 4 business days. The charge will extend to $115 when you need an immediate visa processing if you’re in rush. This will bring your visa within 3 business days.

Get eTA Visa to Egypt
That’s all How to Get a Visa for Egypt in the USA. It definitely seems that the e-visa system is the lightest and fastest way to get Egypt Visa for US Citizens. Within just few steps you can get access to explore the most spectacular ancient monuments city in the world.